Saturday, 28 September 2013


Wikis can be used in libraries for staff to share information among themselves so that they can learn about new developments in library services such as new technologies that can be utilised to enhance the service that is provided. Staff members can share information with each other and other members of staff can add to the information that is there with corrections or updates. When new developments take place the staff can add new articles about these developments and continue to ensure that the information provided is relevant. When technologies become superseded the article on the particular technologies can be archived so that there is a history of what has transpired and future members of staff can see what happened in the past.

Wikis can also be used with members of the public to provide information on a particular topic such as Local history. People can add articles on different aspects of the local area and other people can add information that may help users to better understand what is happening in the area. This can be continually updated and added to so that future generations can see the past of the area. This also gives users a sense of ownership as they have helped to add to the information.

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