Saturday, 28 September 2013


Podcasts can be used by libraries to share information on different topics with their users. These can range from simple educational talks for children to more advanced topics to educate the adult population. They can include information on topics to do with science or other everyday educational interests as well as more thought provoking topics. These podcasts can be made in house or can be provided by another organisation. In this way users have access to information on a wide variety of different topics and can assist in the lifelong learning of the users.

Podcasts can also be used by libraries to assist staff in learning about the different aspects of the library processes. Podcasts can be created which the staff can listen too. This is particularly important for new staff and for when procedures change or when things such as the library management system is changed. The staff can listen to the podcast whenever they feel that they need a reminder about how to do certain tasks.

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