Monday, 30 September 2013

Librarian 2.0

To be an information professional in a web 2.0 world it is necessary to be proficient in the web 2.0 applications such as facebook, twitter, social bookmarking sites, blogs and other relevant sites. This is necessary so that information can be disseminated to users using these sites which are familiar and regularly accessed by patrons. By providing information in this manner a wider range of patrons can be reached as formats that are familiar to a wider range of users are utilised and so the knowledge of library happenings are known.
The librarian needs to know how to use the different applications so that the platforms which are used in the library are able to be kept up to date without mistakes being made. If the Librarian does not know how to use the particular application and then attempts to make updates using the platform it is quite possible that the information will not appear in a way that means the message will be reached by users. It is also possible that if a staff member is asked to do something and they do not know how the task will not get done at all.
It is also important that staff members are able to use these platforms so that if users are having trouble using a particular platform they can ask and a library staff member can come and help. If necessary the library can also run classes lead by the staff members so that users who may need it can learn how to use such applications.

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