Sunday, 29 September 2013

Social bookmarking/tagging

My existing account on delicious helped me to understand how this type of social networking site works. By bookmarking and tagging different sites using this service I am not only able to easily find sites that are of interest to me but by interacting and perusing the bookmarks of other users with similar interests, in this way I can find new sites to bookmark and tag. In using this ability I can also share my bookmarks with others who have similar interests through tagging. In this way other people can also find new sites that may be of interest to them.
I have used my account to store links to other social networking sites so that I can access them from wherever I am. I have also used it to save sites to do with interests of mine such as cooking and craft as well as shopping and sites for other purposes. I have tagged them with relevant tags so that if I am looking for a particular type of site this will be easy to do. It also means that other users can view my tags to see something which they are looking for.
An information agency can use this type of site to share information with their users such as links to sites on different school subjects to assist with the education of the users. As well as this they can be used to let people know about other sites that may be relevant such as book reviews and sites where you can find read alikes.

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