Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Post 1 - Social networking what it is, how it is used by me, expectations of what to learn through INF206.

What is Social Networking?
Social networking is the interaction of individuals with a shared interest or position on a certain subject. These networks are contained within a social networking site which is condusive to the this interaction and which also allows for the collaboration between the individuals so that information is shared and revised to ensure it's relevance and currency. Social networking sites include such sites as facebook, myspace and linkdin. Social networks can also occur through other sites such as blogs hosted on blogger or wordpress for example.

Social Networking sites used by me.
I have a facebook account which i use to keep up with family and friends and also use to play social games like cafe world and farmville2.
I also have a twitter account @crazyjedbeth feel free to follow me. As well as this I have a delicious account, an account on librarything.com (CRAZYELIZABETH), an account on chatterfox which is a social networking site for people who enjoy craft.
I also have two blogs on blogger crazyjedidiah-blizzards.blogspot.com and crazyjedidiah-whatsinaname.blogspot.com. As well as this I have a spotify account.

Learning expectations through INF206
Through INF206 I am hoping to learn about new web 2.0 applications as they develop. As well as this I would love to learn about how my usage of existing and new applications can be improved both professionally and personally.