Saturday, 28 September 2013

Blogging and Microblogging

Blogging is a good way for the everyday person to express their views on things around them. Libraries can use this technology to share with their users about upcoming events and to share what has happened in previous events. It is also a good way to share information on a specific topic such as local history or genealogy. This is a good way to share this information as all information on a particular topic can be disseminated in the one place and users interested in this topic can return to the same place to find more information on the same topic. This is also a good way to share information with users as more than one blog can be set up with a different focus for each blog.

Micro blogging such as twitter is a good way of sharing information with the general public as many people can follow and information can be disseminated, this can be used to share information such as upcoming events and even links to catalogue records which have the ability to remind users of different materials that are available and which they might like to borrow.
Other sorts of Micro blogging can be used to disseminate information to other staff members within the library so that information that needs to be known can be shared. This is useful as people using the service do not need to see information about the running of the service and so providing in this way information can be seen by only those who need to know.

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